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Salestio Updates, July 15

New Feature


Salestio Team is ready to introduce the most recent fixes and improvements. We have been working on planned tasks, issue fixes, and custom requests.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve the app to meet your business needs, just contact us at

eBay Integration in Free plan

We have recently introduced a Free plan to Salestio. It has limited options but works perfectly for small businesses. Initially, it worked only for Amazon, and now it is also available for eBay.

The Free plan for eBay integration includes the following functionality:

  • Download and view eBay inventories;
  • View eBay options;
  • Download eBay orders

The ability to create new eBay listings is not included in a free plan

Fee counter on Dashboard

There is a sales limit in various Salestio subscription plans. When the total sales amount exceeds this limit, there is a fee applied. The exact fee percentage depends on the plan. The sales counter can be found on the Dashboard in Salestio.

With this update, we added better visualization of the current sales counter and fee details if the limits are exceeded.


Custom Requests

Taxes calculation for imported Amazon orders update to fulfill different requirements for different amazon regions. Depending on the Amazon regions, taxes might be calculated differently. With this task, the taxes are calculated according to the region.

Fixes and Improvements

For eBay Creation Profile we give the possibility to more flexible select Brand information. Now you can choose to fill in data from Shopify product details. Also, this feature is now available not only for US/UK marketplace but for other marketplaces.

We improve email notifications for failed order imports and soon plan to extend it for a few other important parts. If you didn't check it yet - please check it in the Settings


Based on multiple feedbacks from sellers we lifter requirements for mandatory shipping field (Make shipping fields optional on eBay Profile creation)

We also receive feedback from sellers that sometimes orders imported from amazon with delayed. Today we published big changes to this importing flow, and now orders should start imported much faster. If you face any issues please let us know.

What's next?

Please notice, starting from 1st August amazon will force significant changes to the process of working with API. Our application is already prepared for this change, but if you were connecting your account using the old account connection form, please re-connect it using the new instruction —

We will send separate emails to affected buyers with requirements to re-connect their accounts.