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Salestio Updates, June 13

New Feature

Hey-hey, our dear users! We are happy to announce new features and improvements that we recently added to Salestio.

As always, if you have any ideas on how to make the app work better for you, just hop into our roadmap. You can add your ideas or upvote the existing ones. Also, you can send your requests and suggestions to

Email Notifications about Failed Order Import

Sometimes orders from Amazon and eBay are not getting imported to Shopify. It might happen because of missing stock or a different SKU in Shopify. In one of our previous updates, we added the ability to filter orders that were imported or not imported to Shopify right from the Orders page is Salestio. It simplifies the managing of such orders. However, we wanted to improve it even more. So, with our new update, you can receive an email notification about the failed order import to Shopify. This option can be enabled in the Saleastio Settings.


After you put a checkmark in front of "On failed Amazon order import to Shopify, send a notification to provided email address", the field appears so that you could enter the preferred email address. Add your email and click the "Save changes" button.

Reserve Inventory for pending Amazon orders

This is a custom functionality and can be enabled for the specific Salestio installation. If you are interested in this feature, send your request to

When this feature is enabled, when the order gets pending on Amazon and is not confirmed yet, then the stock is reserved. Since it is not showing up as avaliable, it will allow you to avoid oversells. After that, when the order status changes to Paid, the stock is decreased to the correct amount. If the order is canceled, the reserved stock is released and the product is getting avaliable for other buyers to purchase it.

Update Shopify Access Scope

To be able to implement the feature mentioned above, Salestio needs an updated scope of permissions. If you installed Salestio some time before, you would need to confirm the new scope of permissions.

The permissions include the ability to reserve stock for the imported pending orders and the ability to download multi-language data about the products.


Product Counter updates on the Selling Lists

This is a small UI imrovement on the Selling Lists page. Now, you can find the number of products in the Selling Lists in the various statuses right looking on the Selling List.


This counter was on the Selling Lists before. However, it showed the number of variations ans the number of actual error messages. With this improvement, you can see the exact number of active products, pending products and the products in error.