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Salestio Updates, June 24


Hey-hey! Hope you are having a great summer.

Salestio team is here with the most recent updates and fixes.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve even more to fulfill your business needs, feel free to contact our support at

Shipping fields are optional on eBay Profile creation

If you have calculated the shipping set in the Shipping Policy on your eBay account, you would need to add the specific shipping data to the eBay profile. However, this is not the case for all users. Salestio improved this functionality, and now you can skip adding these details if you do not need them.

If you still need to add the Shipping details, check the "Additional Shipping Details" option.


Log for the Amazon order fulfillment

If you decide to check if the fulfillment was sent to Amazon properly, you can check it in the Order details in Salestio. To do so, go to Salestio > Orders, find the needed order, and scroll to the timeline.


Improvements to the logs cleanup

Now, Salestio improved the mechanism of clearing up viewed logs in the app. It helps to minimize the database size and speed up the work of the application and daily synchronization tasks.


Fixes Email notifications on failed orders import

In our last update, we announced that now you have an option to get notifications from Salestio about failed Amazon orders imported to Shopify. We have discovered an issue that prevented emails from sending to our users. With this update, the issue is fixed. So, now you can totally set the email address and receive notifications when the order import failed to Shopify.



The next two tasks were done for the specific user request. If this is something that you are also interested in, contact our support team.

Modify Shopify tax display for imported Amazon orders

Shopify displays Amazon taxes as included in the Sale. Since Shopify considers that tax as "included", they don't add it to the total, meaning that the store owner supposedly owes the customer the tax back. This scenario might now work for all users. So, we added a custom solution for one of the Salestio users.

The user wanted the Total price to be the correct total - i.e. the tax is excluded, and paid on top of the subtotal. We added the custom solution so that the tax is displayed the way it works the best for the user.

Custom SKU mapping for your products

Is your Shopify store and eBay/Amazon have different SKU sets. No problem :) We have a solution for you for custom SKU mapping.

This is currently in beta, so please ping us if you need this functionality and would like to try it out. We upload the suggested mapping right to the database.


Etsy Integration

Are you selling Etsy? If so please register to the beta test of new integration available in Salestio - 


What's in progress?

Next week we are planning to add multiple localizations for eBay. Stay tuned!

We are also working on the improvement of the order fulfillment transfer both for eBay and Amazon.